MA (Political Science)

The M.A. programme in Political Science consists of 16 courses (8 core courses and 8 optional courses) spread evenly over four semesters. Each course carries four credits. In addition, students must complete 2 foundation courses, (three credits each) in the first two semesters.In formulating the programme, the Department is guided by the consideration that at the post graduate level, students should be familiar with all the sub-disciplines, trends, approaches, and paradigms of Political Science. With this in view, the Department offers core courses on Political Thought, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Indian Political Process, Public Administration and Public Policy. These courses attempt to acquaint students with the latest theoretical and political trends. The curriculum is regularly changed so as to be contemporaneous, relevant, innovative and useful. After completing 8 core courses in the first two semesters, students are required to choose 8 optional courses, 4 each in the third and fourth semesters. These not only supplement the courses that they did in the core areas but also offer students opportunities to study frontier areas like Dalit Politics, Women’s Movements, Governance, Policy Studies, Indian Political Thought, India’s Foreign Policy and Globalization. Students can also opt for 2 courses offered by other departments as optionals in the second year. The foundation courses are designed to enhance skill sets in general.

M.A Vission & Mission Statement



M Phil (Political Science)

The M.Phil. Programme is for three semesters. Students are required to devote the first semester to course work, which consists of two courses in Research Methodology and one course in the field of student’s research interest (directed by the Supervisor). Each course carries four credits. In the following semesters, students are required to present their research proposals and write a dissertation on an approved topic under the supervision of a faculty memberand research advisory committee. The committee consists of the supervisor and a faculty member and meets at least once a semester.All M.Phil students are required to defend their theses in a post-submission seminar and viva-voce.

M. Phil & Ph. D  Vision & Mission Statements


Ph.D (Political Science)

The Ph.D. programme is for ten semesters. Students are required to write a thesis on a topic approved by the Department. Students will work with their supervisors and doctoral research committees in researching and writing the theses. Each semester, they must secure a satisfactory report from the doctoral committee to register. They will be required to present and defend their research proposals in a seminar organized by the Department. Doctoral students are encouraged to present their work-in-progress at least once during their tenure in the Department. All Ph. D. students are required to defend their theses in a pre-submission seminar and viva-voce. Students who do not have an M. Phil degree with course work on research methodology will have to do the course work as part of their Ph. D. programme.

M. Phil & Ph. D Vision & Mission Statements

I.M.A (Political Science)

The Department participates in the Five Year Integrated Master’s (IMA) Program in the Social Sciences by offering a variety of courses at the Centre for Integrated Studies (CIS), University of Hyderabad. At the end of three years, students in the Integrated Master’s Programme have the option to exit with Bachelor’s degree or continue with the regular M.A. students, subject to the fulfilment of required grades.