M Phil/PhD Vision and Mission Statement

Research programme (MPhil/PhD)

 I. Vision

The Department of Political Science aims at conducting research that contributes to the promotion of values that are foundational to India’s Constitution such as justice, freedom, equality and fraternity, to foster a democratic polity in India and beyond. It endeavours to nurture critical thinking about concepts and ideas that are central to the well-being of all, to arrive at claims based on reasoning and/or evidence and systematic study of state and society, and to develop ideas that are relevant to the political reality of India and the world at large. It seeks to twine the normative and the empirical with analytical categories that are self-reflexive even while keeping its doors wide open to ideas, theories and knowledge from all directions and sources. It believes in methodological pluralism and respects different procedures to gather and process information, arrive at conclusions and interpret meanings.

II. Mission

The faculty and the research students will work in tandem
M1: To continuously take stock of the contributions of previous studies, theories and interpretations within different problem areas so as to raise questions that are worthy and amenable to systematic study.
M2: To evaluate alternative perspectives on and solutions to social and political problems and to develop openness to intellectual criticism and ability to approach matters of social and political importance in a constructive manner.
M3: To conduct systematic and focused studies on questions that are pertinent to political ideas, institutions, processes and policies in India in a comparative and international context; and
M4: Train candidates to take up teaching, research careers and beyond.

III. Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

A. Academic Competence
PLO1: Understanding the philosophy and goals of different paradigms of social research
PLO2: Developing awareness of the advances in the respective areas of research and relevance of other disciplines to one’s area of research
PLO3: Developing an understanding of the relations between claims regarding theory, method and facts
PLO4: Training students in different research techniques and procedures to design research, gather information and process it, arrive at conclusions and interpret meanings.

B. Social Competence
PLO5: Developing ability to use insights from research to deepen one’s understanding of social and political problems
PLO6: Developing skills to evaluate alternative approaches and solutions to social and political problems   

C. Personal and Behavioral Competence
PLO7: Cultivating qualities of self-reliance, diligence, and perseverance in carrying out research PLO8: Being able to approach matters of social and political importance in a balanced, confident, constructive and critical manner

Qualification Descriptors

On the completion of the research programme a student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate basic and conceptual knowledge of the philosophy, paradigms and advances in political science research;
  2. Demonstrate the ability to understand political philosophy and reading of texts, and to connect them with actually existing realities.
  3. Possess the ability to analyse, evaluate and establish the relations between claims regarding theory, method and facts about political processes, political developments, administrative structures, public policy and trends in international politics;
  4. Apply knowledge, theories and intellectual tools of research to political and administrative phenomena in a sensitive manner and offer suggestions and solutions towards favourable outcomes in the real world to foster social justice;
  5. Effectively communicate findings, insights, and arguments professionally in both written and oral forms to diverse audiences in different settings, whether local, national or international; and
  6. Identify areas and topics for further research and exploration by engaging with upcoming problems in real-life situations.