M. A. Vision and Mission Statement

M.A. Political Science


The Department of Political Science aims at equipping students with in-depth knowledge and intellectual tools to engage with the global and India-specific issues and challenges arising in the arenas of politics, political processes and political ideas. It aims to provide them with learning experiences and theoretical deftness that prepare them to understand sociology-political phenomena in all their dimensions, which is comparative and context-sensitive. To fulfill this goal, it has designed various programmes and courses balancing specializations with interdisciplinary approaches. Through different pedagogical methods, the Department seeks to enhance students’ subject specific knowledge along with their ability to think critically.  The Department affirms its commitment to equity, inclusiveness and diversity without compromising academic rigour in the context of the global commitment to sustainable development, rights of the marginalized and ecological diversity and conservation.


M1: To prepare adequately competent students who understand and apply concepts, theories, and methodologies from different sub fields of Political Science to make sense of the world around them.

M2:  To familiarize students with the latest developments in the discipline and enable them to acquire substantive knowledge of institutions and processes of government that shape politics within and among nations.

M3:  To help students relate class room instruction to the political processes outside the class, and contribute to knowledge-building through a commitment to equity, inclusiveness, diversity and concern for the environment.

Programme Learning Outcomes

A. Academic Competence
PLO1: Disciplinary knowledge and methods including familiarity with data
PLO2: Ability to connect concepts with examples
PLO3: Ability to use various e-resources academically and develop skills of academic writing and presentation
PLO4: Articulating ideas and identifying interconnections between arguments
PLO5: Dealing with contending paradigms and learning to identify their strengths and limitations
PLO6: Understanding the boundaries of the discipline and its connections with other disciplines

B. Personal and Behavioural Competence
PLO7: Developing social awareness, and mutual understanding
PLO8: Developing sensitivity to diverse social backgrounds
PLO9: Appreciating different perspectives and accepting difference of opinion

C. Social Competence
PLO10: Analysing political problems, conflicts and tensions in all their complexities
PLO11: Gender sensitization and gender justice
PLO12: Developing an understanding of ecological issues
Qualification Descriptors

After the completion of the two-year MA programme in Political Science, a student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate basic and conceptual knowledge of the different sub-fields of Political Science with an insight into the pioneering areas and cutting-edge of research and theorisation.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to analyse and evaluate political processes, political developments, administrative structures, public policy and international trends.
  3. Apply knowledge, theories and intellectual tools to political and administrative phenomenon in a sensitive manner and offer suggestions and solutions towards favorable outcomes in the real world to foster social justice.
  4. Effectively communicate findings, insights, and arguments professionally in both written and oral forms to diverse audiences in different settings, whether local, national or international.
  5. Identify areas and topics for further research and exploration by engaging with upcoming problems in real life situations.