The people who bring laurels to the department

Current Faculty



P.Venkata Rao, Ph.D. (Andhra) – Anthropology of Development, Tribal Studies, Complex Societies, and Ageing.

B.V. Sharma, Ph.D. (Hyderabad) – Medical Anthropology; Anthropology of Education; Community participation in Development. (Head of the Department)

Romesh Singh, Ph.D. (Hyderabad) –Business Anthropology; Urban Anthropology, Anthropology of Development and Tribal Development Studies.

Associate Professors:

George Tharkan, C, Ph.D. (Hyderabad) – Kinship Studies, Theories of Culture, Indian Society.

Assistant Professors:

Shaik Abdul Munaf, M.Sc. (SVU) – Archaeological Anthropology, Ethno-archaeology, Indian Prehistory.

Alok Kumar Pandey, Ph.D. (Hyderabad) – Environment and Society; Natural Resources and Indigenous Communities; Nomadic and Pastoral Societies; Mountain Regions (Himalayan and Western Ghats); Development and Livelihoods; Anthropological Theories; Ethnography; India.

Apparao Thamminaina, Ph.D. (Hyderabad) – Identity Studies, Anthropology of Policy, Urban Anthropology, Anthropological Theories, and Tribal Studies.

Adhoc/ Guest Faculty:

Dr. Sipoy Sarveswar, Ph.D. from the University of Hyderabad in 2017, following an MA and M. Phil. from Hyderabad.

Kitoholi V Zhimo, PhD degree from Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi in November 2019 following M.Sc & M Phil degree in Socio-Cultural Anthropology and Advance Certificate Course in Gender Studies from the same university.



Adjunct Faculty/ Visiting Faculty: