The Department has all the facilities required for a healthy teaching-learning environment.

There are separate classrooms for the students of M.A programme and research students. The well ventilated and spacious air-conditioned classroom for the M.A students are equipped with speakers and projectors for PowerPoint presentations and screening of documentaries. The classrooms are also equipped with electronic whiteboards.

The well-equipped A.C seminar hall furnished with comfortable chairs and facilities for a round table enables the students and teachers to conduct the seminars in the right milieu. The seminar hall is equipped with table microphones and speakers, in addition to the projector.

The facility of a dedicated library is one great asset to the department.  The library has a collection of textbooks and reading material for use by the students. The reading room offers a quiet place for the students to borrow books from the library and study.

The department has a museum attached to it.  The artifacts collected by the students during their fieldwork and artifacts donated by others are displayed in the museum. The stone tools and models in the museum are particularly helpful as teaching aids for courses in Physical anthropology and Archaeological anthropology.

The department also has a spacious laboratory for the practical courses of Physical and Archaeological anthropology.

The department has set aside a spacious room for the research scholars.  This room is also provided with a desktop, printer, projector and internet. The scholars can use this room for their academic debates or other collective academic endeavours and as a reading room.

Over the years the department has acquired all the essential equipment including utensils, sleeping bags, tents, ovens, cookers, etc., for the conduct of group fieldwork for 3-4 weeks under the guidance of faculty.  The fieldwork is a compulsory component of M.A course work.

To facilitate effective fieldwork, the department has also acquired, cameras, video cameras, and audio recording equipment.  This equipment can also be borrowed by the research students for their fieldwork.