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About the Department

The Department, started in the year 1979, has evolved over the years as one of the important centers of Sociology teaching and research in the country. While emphasizing topics and themes central to the discipline, the Department’s teaching and research activities have been oriented towards contemporary questions that have both basic and applied dimensions. The academic activities of the Department have a unique disciplinary and interdisciplinary orientation designed to guide and support student development as independent learners as well as to inspire them to critically engage with policies, issues, and social action.

The learning ambience of the department is both informal and rigorous, being geared towards promoting a spirit of critical inquiry among students. The structure and content of the courses are meant to give a grounding that not only prepares students for future studies in sociology and the social sciences, but also to offer the benefits of learning to work in a constructive way in other areas of life.

UGC Special Assistance Programme

The SAP scheme was initiated in 1963 by University Grants Commission keeping in view the recommendations of the Education Commission to facilitate the selected number of University Departments having some potential in research and teaching. The programme is intended to encourage the pursuit of excellence and teamwork in advanced teaching and research to accelerate the realization of international standards in specific fields.

The Department of Sociology has had the Special Assistance Programme since 1995. The Programme has already completed a number of phases: Departmental Research Support (DRS) I (1 April 1994 to 31 March 1999); Departmental Research Support (DRS) II (1 April 2001 to 31 March 2006); and Department of Special Assistance (DSA) I (1 April 2007 to 31 March 2012). During the current phase (DSA Phase II), the thrust areas of the Programme include development and challenges in the context of globalizing world.

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