MA (History)

The M.A. course is a two year programme consisting of 16 courses spread over four semesters, with four courses per semester. The main thrust of the first two semesters is to equip the students in certain core compulsory courses in both Indian and non-Indian history. These are designed to be comprehensive and introduce students into the various interpretative dimensions of understanding the history of human civilization with a focus on India. During semesters III and IV a wide range of special courses as optionals are offered by the Department thus providing an opportunity for students to specialise in specific areas of Indian History. Students also have an opportunity to do atleast two courses outside the Department during their third or fourth semesters with the aim to encourage inter-disciplinary studies. The Department during each academic year decides the number and title of options.

M Phil (History)

The M.Phil. Course covers two semesters. During the first semester, three compulsory courses have to be done by the students. The focus is on issues of historical interpretation and method. One of these is an intensive introduction to the problem being researched by the individual students leading, in the following semester to the writing of a dissertation under the guidance of a faculty member on an approved topic.

Ph.D (History)

The Ph.D. programme is mainly a research programme. Those students admitted directly without M.Phil degree are required to do the M.Phil course work and examination conducted by the Department. Students undertake research on an approved topic under the guidance of a faculty member.