MA (Anthropology)

The M.A. course is a two-year programme consisting of a total of 16 courses of 4 credits each spread over four semesters with four courses per semester. Of them, 11 are compulsory courses and the remaining 5 are optional courses. The compulsory courses are:

  1. Introduction to Social Anthropology
  2. Physical Anthropology
  3. Archaeological Anthropology
  4. Quantitative Research Methods
  5. Qualitative Research Methods
  6. Theories of Culture
  7. Theories of Social Structure
  8. Applied Anthropology and Tribal Welfare
  9. Indian Society
  10. Anthropology of Complex Societies
  11. Field Work Dissertation and Viva-voce

The Department offers optional courses in Development Anthropology, Ecological Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Peasant Society, Economic Anthropology, Anthropology of Communication, Anthropological Linguistics, Natural Resource Management and Livelihood Systems, Kinship and Marriage, Anthropology of Religion, Anthropological Perspectives on Popular Culture etc. The students are also permitted to opt for some inter-disciplinary courses offered by other departments and schools in consultation with the department.

“Field work” is an important component of the compulsory courses; the students must conduct field-work on a chosen topic for a period of about one month under the supervision of faculty and submit a dissertation for Viva-voce examination. This “field work” is usually conducted during the winter vacation at the end of the third semester. This course is largely subsidised by the University and the students have to pay Rs.250/- towards nominal fieldwork fees at the time of admission.



M Phil (Anthropology)

The M.Phil programme is for two semesters. The first semester is devoted for course work consisting of two compulsory courses of 4 credits each, viz., 1) Advanced Anthropological Theories and 2) Advanced Research Methods, and one optional course of 4 Credits, generally in the broad area of research on which the dissertation is planned. The second semester is devoted for preparation and submission of M.Phil dissertation.

Ph.D (Anthropology)

The Ph.D. is a full fledged research programme on an approved research topic for a minimum period of two years. There is provision for admitting limited number of part-time Ph.D. students also. A duly constituted Doctoral Committee for each student monitors the progress from time to time. Based on the Report of the Research/Doctoral Committee, the registration of the candidate for next semester will be recommended. The Ph.D scholars are expected to attend and actively participate in all the pre-field, post field-work seminars, student seminars on Research proposals, Open Ph.D viva examinations and the lectures by the visiting scholars invited by the Department.